Direct Flights

Explore all non-stop flights from any airport ✈️🌎




Direct Flights lists all non-stop flights departing from +3,200 airports with +580 airlines, and display the route map in a 3D interactive visualization 🌎 πŸ—Ί Browse available destinations served by any airline or airport (eg. Where can I fly from Oakland? What airports are served by SouthWest?). πŸ“Š Explore worldwide airports and airlines with crispy stats. πŸ“† Get weekly flight schedule per route. πŸ›’ Find the cheapest flight and book your one-way direct flight. The frontend is built on React - using a server side rendering on NodeJS for SEO purposes. The backend is built in Python (using celery workers) and hosted on Google Kubernetes Engine. The map is rendered with HTML5 Canvas (using react-konva), while interactions with the zoom are managed with SVG (using some D3 plugins).
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