A Fullstack React Masterclass


Hassan Djirdeh


TinyHouse is a Fullstack React Masterclass where students learn advanced React, Node, TypeScript, and GraphQL by building a production-ready application. Part I of the course is complete and is open for enrollments! 🎉 Part II of the course is scheduled for completion in Q1 2020. The course covers a wide variety of topics with a focus on building robust React applications. Some of the technologies that are covered are: React, Node, TypeScript, GraphQL, and MongoDB." Students will learn how to: Create a GraphQL API in Node.js, with Apollo Server, from scratch. Build larger-scale React applications with 2020 techniques (e.g. Hooks 🎉). Utilize React Apollo and the Apollo CLI to handle GraphQL requests from React. Avoid bugs by using TypeScript to write strongly-typed code. ...and more!
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